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88GO booking API

88GO booking API is a method that allows other applications, platforms, websites… to communicate and exchange data with 88GO's system to handle booking trips of customers who book cars on their system basing on processing 88GO’s platform.

Handling car rental airport, car travel automatically with connection to + 2000 vehicles on the exchange of 88GO

88GO’s cars rental service exchange handles all car rental needs from 4-45 seats when you connect API to 88GO’s system. Once connected, all bookings from your system will be automatically pushed to the exchange of 88GO and will be processed to serve your customers.

Benefits of connecting to 88GO booking API

API of 88GO allows partners to manage cars rental directly and transparently
Partners/customers do not need to call or make cars rental reservations traditionally. Partners/customers only need to book the car on their platform. The API will immediately synchronize data to 88GO's management system.
All changes/updates of the trip will be updated immediately and recorded by the API and transmitted information to the management system of businesses/exchanges 88GO
: API helps partners save resources in human, time and save costs for booking cars, looking up debts, tracking trips ...
How to connect to 88GO's booking API

Question and Answer

Businesses that have platform, web, mobile, etc., and have a set of customers who have potential needs or are selling travel services such as OA, OTA, TA can use the booking API of 88GO.
Currently, 88GO does not yet charge for API connectivity.
You can do your testing in Sandbox. This mode provides a testing environment to help you create an account that is enabled to try connecting.
Once you are connected successfully, you can access it via the settings page. Contact 88GO for assistance with accessing the API connection system.